Smadav 2021 Antivirus FAQS

What is smadav?

Smadav 2021 is the most recent update Smadav Antivirus which uses the latest technology to destroy and stop the spread of Viruses from PC through USB Flashdisk. Also, Smadav 2021 is able can detect unknown and the latest virus in USB even if the virus is not in the database.

What is the use of Smadav 2021?

The use of Smadav is not only to avoid virus spread and infection from USB Flashdisk but also to clean all virus and Malware even they are not on the database.

Is Smadav a virus?

No, Smadav is not a virus but it is a well-known antivirus from Indonesia that has been the best antivirus in south east asia.

Is Smadav free?

Yes, Smadav Antivirus is a free antivirus that provides real-time anti-virus protection. However, if you want to have more advanced features like internet security, you need to upgrade to Smadav Pro Versian.

Can Smadav remove virus?

Yes, absolutely. Smadav will clean, remove and destroy all viruses, malware and spyware from your PC

Is there Smadav for MAC

Right now, Smadav only Produces Antivirus for Windows. However, the virus researcher will definitely make antivirus for MAC and Android in a short time.

Where is the best place to download Smadav 2021 Antivirus?

Smadav 2021 is officially provided by and the most trusted website to download Smadav.

Smadav 2021 Antivirus FAQS

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